A real estate career can be both satisfying and lucrative. 

What is a Real Estate Career Like? 

Real estate agents are involved in the aspects of selling, purchasing, and renting residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Their functions and activities include the following:  

• Developing a roster of potential clients by prospecting via social media, meeting people at community events, networking, word of mouth, or by purchasing advertisements.  

• Publishing listings and reviewing listings to sell a property for the right price or to find properties with the qualities that meet their clients’ needs. They also review listings to determine property values and pricing.  

• Arranging and attending property viewings.  

• Making and negotiating sale and purchase offers.  

• Creating sales and purchasing contracts.   

How to Get Started in a Real Estate Career 

Follow these steps to get started in a real estate career: 

• Review and follow the licensing requirements for your state, which may include a minimum age, proof of training, and a background check.  

• Complete pre-licensing real estate coursework, which can include 20 to 200 hours of instruction. Coursework can be completed at a real estate school, online, or at a community college and may take four to six months to complete.  

• Pass the state’s real estate license examination.  

• Apply for a real estate license. Many states will also require taking continuing education courses to stay up to date with changing laws and regulations.   

• Find a brokerage to operate under that will oversee and support your transactions. Most brokers will also assist you in becoming proficient in your real estate career.   

To become a real estate agent, it is usually necessary to have a high school diploma or its equivalent. Many agents also have a college degree. The skills needed are people relationship skills, organizational skills, sales savvy, problem-solving skills, and negotiation skills. 

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