Fix and Flip Financing

Fund Your Investment Property Project With Fix and Flip Financing

Property investment requires working capital, especially if you plan to fix up the house before selling. Because we understand the need for flexible commercial real estate financing, Aspen Capital Solutions offers fix and flip loans specifically for this purpose.

Why Choose Fix and Flip Financing

When you flip a house, you’re working with a short timeline. In most cases, you want to purchase the property, renovate it and sell it in under two years. Since traditional mortgages typically last 20 years and can take over a month to approve, they aren’t a good fit.

A fix and flip loan, on the other hand, can be processed in as few as 10 days and lasts no longer than two years. Additionally, funds can be used however you want.

How Fix and Flip Financing Works

Aspen Capital Solutions offers two types of financing for fix and flip projects: lines of credit and loans. Lines of credit allow you to draw on the funds whenever you need while loans provide the total principal at the beginning of the loan.

When you get a line of credit, you can count on the following benefits:

  • Low rates
  • Amounts as high as $5 million
  • 24-month terms

Loans offer the following advantages:

  • No prepayment penalties
  • Amounts up to $10 million
  • Closing within 17 days

How You Can Apply

If you’re ready to jump into the real estate business, then it’s time to contact Aspen Capital Solutions. Reach out today to set up a no-obligation consultation.