Equipment Financing

Our Small Business Equipment Financing Solutions

Having the right resources is essential to your business’s success. It needs equipment to produce and deliver the value promised to your clients. Aspen Capital Solutions offers several equipment financing products – leases, loans, sale-leaseback and more. With this diverse menu of funding options, we can match you with one that best meets your company’s needs.

Equipment Leasing and Loans

If your business has been operating for two years or more, it may be eligible for our best lease and loan terms. Our application process is simple. You can ask for up to $150,000 without enclosing a financial statement. We also offer fast approvals – within 24 hours for most qualified applicants. You get a few excellent benefits with our financing:

  • Terms of up to 84 months
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Minimal or no down payment
  • Several payment structures

We also have funding options for middle market companies and large-ticket equipment, with up to $500,000 or more available. Approvals usually occur within three to five days.

Government, Sale-Leaseback and Other Programs

Besides our standard loans and leases, we have many other options for connecting clients with the equipment they need. Companies under two years old can qualify for our startup financing program. Firms with previous credit challenges can get equipment under our B, C and D financing options. Government entities such as libraries, schools, municipal agencies, fire departments and military groups may be eligible for our guaranteed approval lease financing.

Another unique solution is our sale-leaseback financing. We purchase the equipment you need, then lease it back to you for a predetermined period. You make regular payments until the lease is paid off. Once you’ve finished paying for the equipment, you can take over ownership.

Let Us Help You Get the Tools You Need

Aspen Capital Solutions helps small businesses get the capital they need. Our equipment financing offers some awesome advantages: fixed low monthly payments, tax advantages, more available cash and avoiding equipment obsolescence. Contact our commercial finance consultants to apply.