Creating a dynamic, productive business team can be a formidable undertaking. Often individuals in an organization form a group to work on projects but are unable to achieve the interdependence that characterizes true teamwork. Here are some strategies that can help you mold a group of individuals into a capable business team.

Share the Vision

The initial step is to create a common foundation for your business team. Have a meeting and discuss the team’s purpose and goals. Clarify to its members that as a group they will go through various stages of development. Besides coming together for meetings to assess which aspects of the team are working well and what needs improvement, administer periodic surveys that will touch on subjects such as progress, development, trust, commitment, and resolution of conflicts. Draw up a charter with guidelines and boundaries concerning behavior.

Consider Individual Strengths and Preferences

Keep in mind that your business team is comprised of individuals, and they may not always have the same expectations, priorities, or styles of working. Allowing for differences enhances communication and fosters creativity.

Leverage Talents

The value that each member brings to the business team is unique. When individuals are able to make use of their special talents and abilities, single them out and recognize their contributions. However, in the long run make sure that acknowledgment and praise is spread around evenly.

Communicate Effectively

Your business team should have open channels for receiving general communication, feedback, problem solving, and conflict resolution. The objective of this communication is to enable interactions that involve equal exchanges of insights and ideas.

Schedule Teambuilding Activities

Teambuilding activities, whether they are classroom learning experiences or outdoor fun, help to bond your business team. Be sure to add levity to the mix, as a good mutual laugh alleviates stress and helps people lighten up. When your team completes milestones or entire projects, get them together to celebrate.

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