Monthly Archives: September 2021

How to Effectively Change Up Your Business Strategy

When you first go into business, having a solid strategy is a must. This strategy entails how you intend to create your products/services, how you plan to sell and market...... Read More

Rental Properties: How Are They Taxed

Rental properties certainly enable the real estate investor to enjoy quite a few benefits; with these, however, come more stringent tax requirements. In fact, the Internal Revenue Service applies two...... Read More

3 Benefits of Leasing Your Construction Equipment

These days, many construction companies are opting to lease their equipment instead of investing large amounts of money to buy it outright. There’s no wonder why- there are several benefits...... Read More

Pros and Cons of Commercial Real Estate Financing: Banks vs. Private

When you work in commercial real estate financing you will find yourself having to constantly explain to your clients what the pros and cons are of seeking funding from a...... Read More